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CAD Engineer

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises - Owner / Consultant sticky icon

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises
Manhattan Beach, CA

1993-09 to PRESENT

Responsibilities: Independent Computer Consultant (System Architect, Software Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Database Developer, Website Developer)

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Project Ember - Arduino Design Engineer

Private Investors
Hermosa Beach, CA

2019-04 to Present

Accomplishments: For private investors, design and develop prototype hardware and software for automatic fire extinguisher using Arduino UNO and OTS (Off-the-shelf) fire extinguishers.

Pacific Glass Concepts - Mobile App Developer

Hermosa Beach, CA

2018-06 to 2018-12

Accomplishments: Design and develop a custom branded app for Pacific Glass Concepts. The app records and shares measurements for remodel projects and is used by general contractors to send project measurements to Pacific Glass Concepts salesmen.

Features: One finger gesture resizing and rotating of overlayed tool images; UIDocument/cloud based file sharing; Project data embedded in shared JPG images using Steganography.


AutoStop - Software Design Engineer

Woodland Hills, CA

2018-08 to 2018-09

Accomplishments: Review 15 year old RF invention hardware and software with designers and make recommendations on how to redesign it and integrate with modern IOT and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) systems.

Pacific Vinyl Windows/Doors - Website Developer

Hermosa Beach, CA

2018-06 to 2018-06

Accomplishments: Design and develop a Drupal 8 website for a Window/Glass Remodel Contractor; Installed on GoDaddy Linux server; Responsive mobile theme; Home page image slider; Project gallery.

i3 Group - Website Designer/Developer

i3 Group, LLC
Tampa, FL

2013-01 to 2013-02

Responsibilities: Design and develop Wordpress website; Develop custom Wordpress theme; Design and develop prototype Drupal website as a sales tool to win business with a major roofing products manufacturer; Develop custom Drupal subtheme; Demonstrate prototype website to the client.

SportsGrants Foundation - System Administrator / Software Developer

SportsGrants Foundation
Hood River, OR

2012-08 to 2012-11

Responsibilities: Architect and develop LAMP based website ( for collecting charitable donations; Setup Amazon Web Services (AWS) with a Virtual Private Cloud containing 8 server instances in multiple subnets including a load balancer for 4 webservers; Setup domain and IP addresses in AWS Route 53; Setup MySQL database server in AWS RDS Management Console. Install and configure Power MTA email server; Use Twitter Bootstrap for page layout and development; Write custom JavaScript jQuery code for form hiding, navigation and drop down loading; Integrate Janrain Engage for website login from social websites; Integrate Cloudsponge for accessing user email address books; Integrate with PayPal website to collect the donations; Maintain source code in a GitHub repository; Develop Facebook login with FB OpenGraph SDK; Develop Twitter login with Twitter SDK; Collect and post race times from Twitter "tweets" feed.

Hoverstate - Senior Developer

Encino, CA

2011-09 to 2012-08

Responsibilities: Work closely with an international team to develop a Drupal based "intranet" website for Health Net. Wrote LINUX sysadmin tools to assist in deploying code changes from CVS to test and staging servers. Wrote and maintained several custom Drupal modules. Architected and developed applications for a hierarchical document library and for policy benefits documentation. Wrote custom PHP application to import thousands of documents from XML into a MySQL database and an Alfresco repository. Wrote custom Drupal module to integrate folders with Alfresco via the CMIS protocol.

MotoActiv - CAD Engineer

MotoActiv, LLC
South Gate, CA

2010-09 to 2010-10

Responsibilities: Computer Aided Design (CAD) of after market ATV parts using SolidWorks. The SolidWorks drawings were then exported to AutoCAD's DXF format and input to a WaterJet machine to cut the ATV parts from aluminum.