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Apple Macintosh (before OS X)

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises - Owner / Consultant sticky icon

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises
Manhattan Beach, CA

1993-09 to PRESENT

Responsibilities: Independent Computer Consultant (System Architect, Software Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Database Developer, Website Developer)

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Travis Mathew Apparel - Network and System Administrator

Travis Mathew Apparel
Seal Beach, CA

2011-08 to 2011-09

Responsibilities: Upgrade LAN hardware to Gigabit Ethernet; install and configure Netgear switch, firewall and wireless router; Configure Windows 2008 Server backup to external 3Gb USB drive; Configure user laptop (Mac and PC) backups to Windows 2008 server; Upgrade FileMaker Server to version 11; Work with software vendor to upgrade Apparel Magic database; Configure Apache on Windows 2008 server for integration between Apparel Magic and DigiShop web store; Convert all users from hosted POP server to IMAP on Google Mail.

Pro For Athletes - Software Developer

Pro For Athletes
Santa Monica, CA

1995-01 to 1996-07

Responsibilities: Redesign in-house Order Entry/Customer Tracking database on a Macintosh network using FileMaker Pro; Convert old database into new format; Train data entry clerks; Upgrade AppleTalk network to Ethernet; Acquire & install all network hardware; Provid customer support for database and report changes.

Hand Surgery Consultants - System Administrator/Software Developer

Hand Surgery Consultants
Long Beach, CA

1993-10 to 1999-05

Responsibilities: Purchase and installation of Macintosh and PC computers, backup disk drives and LAN cabling and hardware;setup LAN and ISDN internect connection; configuration of a network of Macintosh computers; design, development, and implementation of a Hand Physical Therapy database

Petersen Publishing Company - System Administrator/Software Developer

Petersen Publishing Company
Los Angeles, CA

1993-09 to 1995-08

Responsibilities: System Administration of a Unix/Oracle network consisting of a Sequent 750 and several 486 PCs running SCO UNIX; re-organizing an in-house developed Source Code Control system; fixing bugs in Oracle Pro*C code when porting from the Sequent to the SCO environment; writing the Oracle Pro*C interface on the Macintosh to the Oracle database on the Sequent.