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System Administrator

DigiLink Network Services - System Administrator

DigiLink Network Services
Marina Del Rey, CA

2006-03 to 2008-04

Responsibilities: UNIX System Administration of 10 SUN Solaris servers for Warner Brothers Music Group; upgrading Oracle from 9.x to 10.x, upgrading Lyris List Manager software; write automated backup scripts to create images of all disks on all servers to backup RAID array across NFS mounts; wrote Oracle to MySQL database copy scripts.

ValueStream, Inc. - System Administrator / Web Developer

ValueStream, Inc.
San Diego, CA

2001-11 to 2010-06

Responsibilities: Ongoing customer system support; SUN Solaris and RedHat LINUX system administration; apache webserver patches, upgrades and configuration; DNS configuration and maintenance; Sendmail configuration; IP address conversion for all virtual hosts to new IP block; Perl script to collect addresses for bounced emails; CGI scripts for custom reports from MySQL database; advice for Mac OSX problems; support for Maxsponder email software; configure and install LINUX servers and install at ISP co-location facility; configure LINUX RAID drives; setup root BIND DNS servers for ~200 domains; Perl scripts to do backups and maintain redundant DNS servers; Perl scripts to automaticly configure virtual host websites, including IP address, DNS and apache setup.

IGP Technologies / - System Architect / Software Developer

IGP Technologies
Altadena, CA

2005-08 to 2005-12

Responsibilities: Design, development and implementation of website and database to provide online medical diagnoses; LINUX server system administration, MySQL database administration, Tomcat Java application server administration; designed and implemented web based interface to maintain patients and diagnoses.

Prime Contractor: CFUS Corporation

PROSUM - System Architect / Lead Developer

El Segundo, CA

2003-11 to 2005-05

Responsibilities: Lead 3 developers in design and development of website using Java (Jakarta Tomcat Application Server on RedHat LINUX) and a Microsoft SQL Server database (also works with MySQL database), that offers multiple content applications to residents of Planned Communities; Applications included Email (integrated IPSwitch IMail), Message Boards, Calendar, Photo Gallery, Vendor Directory, Resident Directory, Clubs, Surveys, Help, Community News, and Content Management. System administrators use the website to maintain content directly and upload photos and PDFs into the database. All content comes from the database including all images, stylesheets and navigation menus. Used Expresso (Jcorporate) as the J2EE Framework for user and application security; maintaining 1200 source files using CVS; specifying hardware and software for purchase; assisting network engineers in troubleshooting network issues and hardware installation; data conversion of existing MS SQL Server databases for 9000 users; deploying system for 4 Planned Community websites; used Netbeans for Java development.

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - System Administrator

Unitrin Financial Indemnity Company
Woodland Hills, CA

2001-08 to 2002-09

Responsibilities: IBM RS6000 AIX System Administration; upgrad AIX to 4.3; install and configure sendmail; install and configur named/DNS; install SCSI-III DLT Tape drive; setup and test daily backups; write custom bourne shell scripts for system monitoring and FileNet support; assist Oracle DBA in troubleshooting conversion problems; provide backup C++ support for programmers; setup disk mirroring.

Big Dan Importing - System Architect / System Administrator

Big Dan Importing
(sporting goods importer)
Garden Grove, CA

2001-08 to 2002-05

Responsibilities: Infrastructure planning; LAN, WAN, phone system and office systems; install LAN wiring; install and configure LAN hardware; install and configure DSL connectivity; setup network printer; configure PCs for LAN access; train to staff for network support.

Action Online Entertainment - Consultant

Action Online Entertainment
Long Beach, CA

2003-02 to 2003-06

Responsibilities: Advising CFO for implementation of new casino software; directing technical staff in configuration of several SUN Solaris servers; configuring sendmail and DNS on SUN servers; researching monitoring software; installing and configuring IP monitoring software.

Action Online Entertainment - Director of Application Development/System Architect/Lead Java Developer

Action Online Entertainment
Long Beach, CA

2000-12 to 2001-06

Responsibilities: Design overall software and system architecture; UNIX system administration for all SUN Solaris servers and LINUX servers; install and configur BEA Weblogic Server and Commerce Server; integrate java based vendor gaming software; convert java gaming events and enter them into Oracle 8i database; write project plans; manage and lead project teams; train new hires.

Action Online Entertainment - Consultant / System Administrator

Action Online Entertainment
Long Beach, CA

2000-10 to 2000-12

Responsibilities: Support executive management; install and configure MS Windows 2000 server; install and configure MS Exchange 2000; install and configure LINUX server; configure sendmail on LINUX; install LAN wiring and hardware; install and configure DSL modem. (NOTE: hired full time as Lead Java Developer/Director of Software Engineering) - Chief Technical Officer
Santa Monica, CA

2000-02 to 2000-09

Responsibilities: Deployment of E-Commerce website (Sun Solaris, Apache, MySQL, Perl/CGI); internet connectivity; hiring technical staff and consultants; database, content and software design, development and testing; managing project teams; budget projections; LAN support; hands-on technical guidance to staff.