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Michael S. Hearn Enterprises - Owner / Consultant sticky icon

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises
Manhattan Beach, CA

1993-09 to PRESENT

Responsibilities: Independent Computer Consultant (System Architect, Software Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Database Developer, Website Developer)

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GCS - Network Admin, Linux System Admin, Oracle Developer, VMware Admin

Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC
Torrance, CA

2013-03 to 2016-03

      Windows Administration
    • Lead team for Windows Active Directory conversion from Windows NT
    • Install and configure Windows 2012 Print Server for all LAN printers
    • Setup remote Active Directory and printer servers for satellite accounting office
    • Purchase and implement Xming client for remote W-Windows administration of Unix servers
      CAD Department Support
    • Upgrade CAD software (Cadence, ADS) for CAD engineers
    • Install Solaris, RedHat and CentOS on CAD workstations
    • Trouble shoot problems with CAD workstations
    • Setup Solaris virtual machine as license server
      Network Administration
    • Clean up cabling mess on all network and server racks
    • Redesign entire internal LAN
    • Recommend and Install Network Hardware Upgrades
    • Design and Implement Site-To-Site VPN between 2 local offices and Taiwan office using MikroTik Routers
    • Configure VoIP phones to access SIP server across VPN
      Website Administration
    • Move corporate website to internal virtual machine
    • Fix Javascript problems with multi-language corporate website
      Oracle Linux Administration
    • Configure Linux servers with X Windows XDM for admin GUI access
    • Setup Linux MySQL server for internal testing app
    • Setup internal Sendmail SMTP servers for internal mail relay
    • Move Eyelit Manufacturing software from Windows to Oracle Linux
    • Move Eyelit Oracle database from Windows to Oracle Linux
    • Setup Secondary DNS server with BIND in accounting office
      Eyelit Manufacturing Software Administration
    • Setup development and test instances of Oracle database and app server
    • Work with customer support to troubleshoot problems
      Oracle Database Development (APEX)
    • Wrote Integration software between Eyelit manufacturing and accounting costing DB
    • Wrote Lot Scheduling system (Integrated with Eyelit Manufacturing software)
    • Wrote Quarterly Sales Summary Graphs and Reports
    • Wrote Weekly Production Graphs and Reports
      VMware Environment
    • Install multiple VMware ESXi servers
    • Install HP P2000 DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and connect it to 4 ESXi servers
    • Add disk drives to ESXi servers as needs grew
    • Replace failed controller and compact flash in HP P2000 DAS
    • Setup High Availability Cluster on 3 ESXi servers
    • Select and install Seagate NAS for Virtual Machine backups
    • Setup Virtual Machine backups with GhettoVCB backup software
    • Install redundant UPS battery backup servers
    • Install internal "intranet" server with Drupal CMS
    • Install MediaWiki server
    • Write network and system documentation on Wiki and intranet servers

DigiLink Network Services - System Administrator

DigiLink Network Services
Marina Del Rey, CA

2006-03 to 2008-04

Responsibilities: UNIX System Administration of 10 SUN Solaris servers for Warner Brothers Music Group; upgrading Oracle from 9.x to 10.x, upgrading Lyris List Manager software; write automated backup scripts to create images of all disks on all servers to backup RAID array across NFS mounts; wrote Oracle to MySQL database copy scripts.

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - Software Developer

Unitrin Financial Indemnity
Woodland Hills, CA

2002-09 to 2003-06

Responsibilities: Develop multi-threaded C++ TCP/IP server on AIX UNIX; develop Windows NT2000 DLL libraries (MS C++) to integrate claims application (MS Visual Basic) with TCP/IP interface on AIX server; design and develop custom search GUI as a DLL library (MS C++) to integrate with claims application; design and develop DLL library (MS C++) to access Oracle 8x database; organize installation of all custom integration components.

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - System Administrator

Unitrin Financial Indemnity Company
Woodland Hills, CA

2001-08 to 2002-09

Responsibilities: IBM RS6000 AIX System Administration; upgrad AIX to 4.3; install and configure sendmail; install and configur named/DNS; install SCSI-III DLT Tape drive; setup and test daily backups; write custom bourne shell scripts for system monitoring and FileNet support; assist Oracle DBA in troubleshooting conversion problems; provide backup C++ support for programmers; setup disk mirroring.

Action Online Entertainment - Director of Application Development/System Architect/Lead Java Developer

Action Online Entertainment
Long Beach, CA

2000-12 to 2001-06

Responsibilities: Design overall software and system architecture; UNIX system administration for all SUN Solaris servers and LINUX servers; install and configur BEA Weblogic Server and Commerce Server; integrate java based vendor gaming software; convert java gaming events and enter them into Oracle 8i database; write project plans; manage and lead project teams; train new hires.

DigiLink Network Services - System Administrator / Software Engineer

DigiLink Network Services
Marina Del Rey, CA

1995-05 to 2000-01

Responsibilities: UNIX system administrator for ISP with many customers; install T1s, Frame Relay, DSL, and ISDN at customer sites; configur customers' UNIX, Macintosh, and Windows e-mail and Domain Name Services; configure Web Servers for customers; Administering DigiLink's DNS (hostmaster); register and modify customers' domains with the InterNIC;Develop CGI/Perl/MySQL applications for Web customers;Developing system administration scripts in bourne shell, C shell and Perl.

Orco Block Company - Oracle Developer/System Administrator

ORCO Block Company
Stanton, CA

1995-07 to 1996-04

Responsibilities: Fix bugs in Oracle based accounting/order entry software; system administration of an HP9000/835 UNIX system; design and install TCP/IP LAN; install and configure ISDN router and troubleshoot internet connection; design web site; install and configure Computer Associates Masterpiece 3.0 and Ingres 6.4; project lead of conversion from Oracle to Ingres; coordinating development efforts of 4 other consultants; maintain website.

Prime Contractor: Green Parrot Software Development

Petersen Publishing Company - System Administrator/Software Developer

Petersen Publishing Company
Los Angeles, CA

1993-09 to 1995-08

Responsibilities: System Administration of a Unix/Oracle network consisting of a Sequent 750 and several 486 PCs running SCO UNIX; re-organizing an in-house developed Source Code Control system; fixing bugs in Oracle Pro*C code when porting from the Sequent to the SCO environment; writing the Oracle Pro*C interface on the Macintosh to the Oracle database on the Sequent.

Trident Data Systems - Oracle Specialist/Unix System Administrator

Trident Data Systems
Los Angeles, CA
Oracle Specialist/System Administrator

1991-02 to 1991-11

Responsibilities: Design and development of an external interface to Oracle mail; testing and implementing MIT's Hesiod Name Server and integrating it with UNIX sendmail; installing and configuring UNIX OS, Oracle, and Oracle Mail on computer systems at customer sites; design, development and implementation of a UNIX network printer authorization system; system administration for a heterogeneous multi-user, multi-site UNIX network.