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Michael S. Hearn Enterprises - Owner / Consultant sticky icon

Michael S. Hearn Enterprises
Manhattan Beach, CA

1993-09 to PRESENT

Responsibilities: Independent Computer Consultant (System Architect, Software Developer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, Database Developer, Website Developer)

Contract Experience: Click Here

Clearwater Management Services - Bookkeeper

Clearwater Management Services
Los Alamitos, CA

2018-03 to present

Accomplishments: Provide Quickbooks (desktop and online) bookkeeping services for accounting firm with 30+ clients. Accounts payables, accounts receivables, general ledger, and payroll.

AutoStop - Software Design Engineer

Woodland Hills, CA

2018-08 to 2018-09

Accomplishments: Review 15 year old RF invention hardware and software with designers and make recommendations on how to redesign it and integrate with modern IOT and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) systems.

GCS - Network Admin, Linux System Admin, Oracle Developer, VMware Admin

Global Communication Semiconductors, LLC
Torrance, CA

2013-03 to 2016-03

      Windows Administration
    • Lead team for Windows Active Directory conversion from Windows NT
    • Install and configure Windows 2012 Print Server for all LAN printers
    • Setup remote Active Directory and printer servers for satellite accounting office
    • Purchase and implement Xming client for remote W-Windows administration of Unix servers
      CAD Department Support
    • Upgrade CAD software (Cadence, ADS) for CAD engineers
    • Install Solaris, RedHat and CentOS on CAD workstations
    • Trouble shoot problems with CAD workstations
    • Setup Solaris virtual machine as license server
      Network Administration
    • Clean up cabling mess on all network and server racks
    • Redesign entire internal LAN
    • Recommend and Install Network Hardware Upgrades
    • Design and Implement Site-To-Site VPN between 2 local offices and Taiwan office using MikroTik Routers
    • Configure VoIP phones to access SIP server across VPN
      Website Administration
    • Move corporate website to internal virtual machine
    • Fix Javascript problems with multi-language corporate website
      Oracle Linux Administration
    • Configure Linux servers with X Windows XDM for admin GUI access
    • Setup Linux MySQL server for internal testing app
    • Setup internal Sendmail SMTP servers for internal mail relay
    • Move Eyelit Manufacturing software from Windows to Oracle Linux
    • Move Eyelit Oracle database from Windows to Oracle Linux
    • Setup Secondary DNS server with BIND in accounting office
      Eyelit Manufacturing Software Administration
    • Setup development and test instances of Oracle database and app server
    • Work with customer support to troubleshoot problems
      Oracle Database Development (APEX)
    • Wrote Integration software between Eyelit manufacturing and accounting costing DB
    • Wrote Lot Scheduling system (Integrated with Eyelit Manufacturing software)
    • Wrote Quarterly Sales Summary Graphs and Reports
    • Wrote Weekly Production Graphs and Reports
      VMware Environment
    • Install multiple VMware ESXi servers
    • Install HP P2000 DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and connect it to 4 ESXi servers
    • Add disk drives to ESXi servers as needs grew
    • Replace failed controller and compact flash in HP P2000 DAS
    • Setup High Availability Cluster on 3 ESXi servers
    • Select and install Seagate NAS for Virtual Machine backups
    • Setup Virtual Machine backups with GhettoVCB backup software
    • Install redundant UPS battery backup servers
    • Install internal "intranet" server with Drupal CMS
    • Install MediaWiki server
    • Write network and system documentation on Wiki and intranet servers

P1 Technologies - UNIX System Administrator

P1 Technologies
Hermosa Beach, CA

2013-08 to 2013-10

Responsibilities: Configure VMWare lab environment with Solaris and LINUX virtual machines to use Quest Authentication software for cross platform NFS4 connections with Windows Active Directory user logins; replicate configuration on servers at Qualcomm.

Travis Mathew Apparel - Network and System Administrator

Travis Mathew Apparel
Seal Beach, CA

2011-08 to 2011-09

Responsibilities: Upgrade LAN hardware to Gigabit Ethernet; install and configure Netgear switch, firewall and wireless router; Configure Windows 2008 Server backup to external 3Gb USB drive; Configure user laptop (Mac and PC) backups to Windows 2008 server; Upgrade FileMaker Server to version 11; Work with software vendor to upgrade Apparel Magic database; Configure Apache on Windows 2008 server for integration between Apparel Magic and DigiShop web store; Convert all users from hosted POP server to IMAP on Google Mail.

MotoActiv - CAD Engineer

MotoActiv, LLC
South Gate, CA

2010-09 to 2010-10

Responsibilities: Computer Aided Design (CAD) of after market ATV parts using SolidWorks. The SolidWorks drawings were then exported to AutoCAD's DXF format and input to a WaterJet machine to cut the ATV parts from aluminum.

PROSUM - System Architect / Lead Developer

El Segundo, CA

2003-11 to 2005-05

Responsibilities: Lead 3 developers in design and development of website using Java (Jakarta Tomcat Application Server on RedHat LINUX) and a Microsoft SQL Server database (also works with MySQL database), that offers multiple content applications to residents of Planned Communities; Applications included Email (integrated IPSwitch IMail), Message Boards, Calendar, Photo Gallery, Vendor Directory, Resident Directory, Clubs, Surveys, Help, Community News, and Content Management. System administrators use the website to maintain content directly and upload photos and PDFs into the database. All content comes from the database including all images, stylesheets and navigation menus. Used Expresso (Jcorporate) as the J2EE Framework for user and application security; maintaining 1200 source files using CVS; specifying hardware and software for purchase; assisting network engineers in troubleshooting network issues and hardware installation; data conversion of existing MS SQL Server databases for 9000 users; deploying system for 4 Planned Community websites; used Netbeans for Java development.

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - Software Developer

Unitrin Financial Indemnity
Woodland Hills, CA

2002-09 to 2003-06

Responsibilities: Develop multi-threaded C++ TCP/IP server on AIX UNIX; develop Windows NT2000 DLL libraries (MS C++) to integrate claims application (MS Visual Basic) with TCP/IP interface on AIX server; design and develop custom search GUI as a DLL library (MS C++) to integrate with claims application; design and develop DLL library (MS C++) to access Oracle 8x database; organize installation of all custom integration components.

Unitrin Financial Indemnity - System Administrator

Unitrin Financial Indemnity Company
Woodland Hills, CA

2001-08 to 2002-09

Responsibilities: IBM RS6000 AIX System Administration; upgrad AIX to 4.3; install and configure sendmail; install and configur named/DNS; install SCSI-III DLT Tape drive; setup and test daily backups; write custom bourne shell scripts for system monitoring and FileNet support; assist Oracle DBA in troubleshooting conversion problems; provide backup C++ support for programmers; setup disk mirroring.